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hallo/ Guten Tag.

sorry we didn`t introduce ourselves so far. so- this is us:

this is me-Noni. It´s kind of my nickname. My younger brother used to call me like that and someday my best friends did so, too. So you can call me Noni if you like.
I´m a 29 year old mother and wife who is completely in love with her family.
I studied fashion design and run my own fashion label, together with a really good and talented friend.
So yes- I´m a working mum trying to balance dayly work, life, love etc... it`s a journey, (as I may sometimes call it:), I already learned a lot and there is still so much to learn.
But on this blog I won`t talk so much about my work, it`s more about private stuff and collecting and charing some family memories and thoughts. 

My life belongs to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I consider life with it`s lessons to learn as a total blessing and try to live my life to be a blessing for others.

This is Andi the Papa, the love of my life and my really best friend, he is funny and caring and by the way an increadable talented musician. I`m kind of his biggest fan...

We live togehter in a small town in the eastern part of Germany in a montanous area called Erzgebirge, it`s the home of the original nutcrackers and we always have lot of snow.

We like to travel  and are always to have for spontanous trips.

...and now this is miss e, the most precious little thing in our life. words can not express how lucky we are to be chosen as her parents.

If you like to follow us on our journey you are warmly welcome. I´m not really sure where all this blogging thing here leads to, but I dearly hope that you may will be encouraged along the way (and I really hope you will understand my stammered English:) ...

Nice to meet you,
xxx noni