almond, spiced winter body butter (vegan).

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So I promised to share some of my this years homemade present ideas.
Because of the lack of time I will not get all edited, 
anyways christmas is about family and spending time with our loved ones,
which I prefer and so only share a few projects.

One of my current famous things is making some homemade cosmetics.
Simple ingredients, all natural and you simply know what´s in.

 This body butter here is not just perfect nourishing for winter times,
it`s  smooth and creamy and also smells as delightful as any winter and 
christmas evenings should smell. These make perfect giveaways and presents.
(at least for oneself:)

Almond, spiced winter body butter:
 (makes four 50ml glasses)

1/2 cup:
shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil (each)
some cinnamon and vanilla
some drops of almond and vanilla if you like

melt the shea butter and coconut oil, add the almond oil, the aroma and spices, 
leave it 5 min on very low heat (now boiling!), stir constantly, remove the spices,
let it cool down and wait until it starts to solidify, now mix it until it gets it´s creamy
and fluffy texture, store it in some pretty jars, 
(stored with cool temperature the body butter will be durable around one year)

That it is!

And wanna know more?
Shea butter is perfect for winter skin care , (its rich of precious constituents, which include 
unsaturated fats with a large proportion of "unsaponifiables" components, vitamin E and D, 
provitamin A and allantoin) such as coconut oil ( super nourishing with Proteins and Vitamin E,
saturated fats and lauric acids clear and minimize skin pores) and almond oil (contains protein, 
vitamin E and B vitamins, as well as essential minerals, healthy fats and protein ), the aroma and 
the spices give it its pleasant fragrance, cinnamon has a an extra warming effect.

Just some facts I collected in the www, for me this sounds pretty good,
so  it`s getting more and more obvious, to make my very own 
all natural cosmetics ...

Have Fun! 


maria said...

ooh, it looks so nice!

this looks amazing!!

thanks Maria and it´s real good...sheabutter is also very good for a growing belly:)

thankyou Darlene, it´s actually even better than it looks, everybody who got it as christmas present loved it....thanks a lot for stopping by!