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Hallo and Guten Tag!

my name is Monique... or Noni. 

and I like to make things!

I´m a 30 something year old, Mama to Emmi  and baby Eluise
and since 14 lucky years wife to my forever love and friend Andi.
We live in Germany and love adventures and being outdoors.

I love creating things, simple and easy and useful for everyday life,
whether DIY, homemade cosmetics or recipes,...,
and I like sharing these ideas with you in thes space.

I`m working as a graduated fashion designer,  
photographer and as a personal stylist on the plattform Zalon,
so now and then I also share some easy sewing DIYs and
some inspirational stuff along the way.

I love life and I love God and I consider life with all it`s facettes and lessons to learn
as a journey to grow and such a big blessing.

And  I try to live my life to be a blessing and encouragement for others.

So may this place encourage and inspire you !

stay awhile, feel loved and appreciated, Noni!