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just short popping in to say a big thankyou.
I never mentioned many thoughts according to this blog in detail so far. because
for me this blogging journey I feel is still quite new. I´m just so much enjoying
randomly sharing ideas and some thoughts with you.

And I´m so happy to have met so many kind people on the way,
that I surely never had met without this space.

 I´m also thankful that over the past year, several of my DIYs got shared on different spaces.
( I never mentioned it here so far) but it makes me quite happy that these little ideas
sometimes don`t make only some sense to me but also to others and that they maybe
 inspire you for trying out some own ideas.

So I also wanted to thank some blogs for sharing my ideas. The Pompom Lamp by the way
 already was on 10different spaces, the picture above shows our penguin mittens,
who were featured on Disneys babble. And I really couldn`t believe my eyes when I saw
one of my randomly taken phone pictures here on the French Cosmopolitan online front page.

But more than that I hope that you will always, leave this space encouraged, blessed and inspired.

this is what makes my heart full and happy
according to this little corner here.