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raindrops again.and again.(DIY)

Hi everyone, so this is what I did with the potato-stamping afterwards to that post http://ohiloveyoumydear.blogspot.com/2012/11/raindrops-again.html

 I made some easy peasy hand printed shirts. This is really fun, all you need: potato stamps, textile color (I used gold and silver color) +brushes, suitable shirts :

 just paint your stamps with the brush and start to stamp (by the way E´s shirt had some avocado stains that I didn`t manage to wash out...so now they are hidden:)...), I also like to put different amounts of paint on the stamp, so you have some kind of an layering effect on your shirt...

 ...I really can`t get enough of this easy printing technique, I think it will also be adorable on leggings, babybodys...ha, some more projects to finish... (as I told you I´m a fashion designer, so my DIY will often be fashion stuff, I like develloping easy and quite obvious ideas for everybody to create some new garment favorites...)