handmade with love.

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hi all of you...not so much time to write at the moment.
We have several projects on the go...

I loooove crafted and handmade presents as part of our christmas gifts. You can put so much more love and character in things that you made yourself.

So the most evenings we craft together now. I love this time.
I made a list of some achievable goals for this christmas season, that keeps me on track:

1. Make Emmis first doll
2. Make different sweets as gifts ( jam, cookies on a stick, cake pops...)
3. sew some clothes...
4. make origami ornaments

1. "Lotta" already is in the making, if I have enough time left, I´ll show you how I made it in detail, here is a little sneek peak, I used T-shirt transfer sheet, draw the face and body parts, scanned it and ironed it on the fabric...

2. already done
3. I made the precut of some cute children`s clothes and a little present for myself:)...but still have to sew it alltogether, hopefully get it all ready until christmas...
(as a fashion designer I`m used to pattern making and sewing. But I made a few real simple patterns for children`s clothes this time that are really easy to copy, so I`m going to share some of them in the coming days, months...lets see...?)

4. ready, need to do more:)

So still a lot to do, the next posts will be about some more craft projects I guess:)
(I`m lucky to have such a space to collect some ideas!)