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winterwonderland.(embrace the camera)

it snowed so much these days. I think whole northern and middle Europe is covered with snow now, and when this happends we always get a whole lot of snow here in this area.

I don`t mind, cause we love it so much

I just wanted to share a few pictures from the last days. So the three of us are "embracing the camera" together again.
There are no words to describe what a blessing each child brings to his family. I knew that before, but I didn`t know that it will be this huge!
It´s magical, it´s like seeing the world through your childs eyes through a different perspective again, it`s like being a kid again yourself. Suddenly there is so much joy in simple things.

Nobody can freeze time (and I know we would sometimes really like to), so lets take a deep breath and just soak all this up and take time to enjoy these moments we have together.
And it´s just wonderful to have such a little space here, where we can collect memories and share each other`s joy!

xxx noni