reversible leggings DIY.

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like I promised, now still in April the reversible leggings DIY...-

I love to make clothes for my little girl, I love the fact that one can put so much more
heart in handmade things for the little ones, plus it`s budget friendly:

So I hope I can share some easy ideas now and then, here in this little space of mine.
Like this reversible leggings, I made a few weeks ago.

I love it, it has two different sides, one uni color and the other
one with a black and white pattern, so I can make it suitable to different outfits and have 2
 versions in just one leggings, Emmi loves it too :)...

 the few simple steps:

1- make a pattern out of a leggings or skinny pant, add some extra seam for the stitches, 
pay attention to the pant crotch, the pattern should be 3 dimensional that it stays comfortable 
and doesn`t rip of in different movements ( you know all this active toddler gymnastic 
movement things...), precut the pattern in two different elastic fabrics
2- sew the two different fabrics together (inside leggings and outside leggings), each on his own, 
use an elastic stitch (overlock or chevron)
3- pull the leg parts into each other, add or sew on a elastic wristband (seize should be long enough
that you can fold it on half and length should be a bit smaller then the upper pant part)
4- add/ sew on some cuffs on the legs, use two different fabrics ( half size of the cuff should be a 
bit smaller than one leg) ...........   ready!!!

------> the seams on the side of the pants are hidden by folding the cuffs up and down),
also the leggings crows with the child because you can vary the cuff length by folding it
... have fun !

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so happy to be featured again on the diy dreamer !
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