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Hey everyone, we had beautiful weather so we were out and snaped a whole lot of photos (the spring hormones again:), perfect opportunity to mix up some  upcylce DIY with quite a little style post, because I´d love you to show some of my current favorites...

As maybe mentioned already my personal style is quite easy, just about being myself and feeling comfy but trying that without loosing a feminine attitude to it all. My style since being a mama didn`t change that much. I just focus a bit more on clothes that I can keep a little longer, clothes that have some variety, are easy to combine and I also upcycle some clothes that I don`t wear anymore from time to time.

For example the skirt from the picture above: I bought it as a quick buy (you know running through the store with an already tired child, so you buy without trying, because you know it has some stretch...:), as I was home I didn`t like the nosefitting at all ( I love the pleats but they just popp up at my hips, which I don`t like at all) I still was in love with the colors and beautiful feather pattern    ------------>
 so I just changed the skirt a bit, like this

the fun fact, through the stretch wristband now I have not just one possibility to carry it, I can wear it three different ways, which makes it really fun to combine with some other favorite pieces:

(I also really like the knotted shirt a lot. It normally has a knotted backside, but me loving to think a bit outside the boy I wear it both sides, because again-------> a bunch of new possibilties to combine...)

Don`t need to say that I´m really happy with the result, think I`m going a bunch of opportunities to wear the skirt/ dress...

( by the way: Emmi wears hat knitted from a friend, sweater zara baby, reversible pants self made-DIY coming soon, shoes H&M)

(oh and a gif again, couldn`t resist posting that one, you know...the spring hormones...)

have a happy week !

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maria said...

Such a good idea! I have a similar h&m mini skirt, now all I need to find is a maxi skirt and then I can recreate this look! I love that you can wear it 3 different ways!
So creative, noni!

p.s. Can't wait for the reversible pants DIY!


girl you are soooo creative!!! love your little babe!!

Omg!!! So so gorgeous!!! Love this outfit from head to toe! Amazing pics!

Tiff Ima said...

I love that skirt!

Tiff Ima
Style Honestly

Megan Magers said...

so pretty!! visiting you from the link up and love your creative eye! mixing black and white stripes with coral florals is genius!! im a sucker for maxi skirts and think this is genius, especially considering how versatile it is! thanks for sharing! xo


List Addict said...

I love a skress or a drirt (is there a formal word for dresses worn as skirts won as dresses). Fabulous upcycle. Well done. The pleats are fabulous.

Fur Earwig

Callie said...

Love these remixes! You're super creative. =) I love the dress one. =)

Pamela Stein said...

I love this idea!! I can't wait to get my sewing machine back and try this project! Thanks for sharing...

Niki Caron said...

I love the idea of this! The skirt is awesome - I love that you added the stripes!

Sarah S. said...

this is SUPER cute and I love that you showed it 3 ways with all of the same pieces. BTW wearing my shirts backwards has been one of my favorite things to do lately, especially if it's a V-neck... it looks cuter as low back. stopping by from wiww.

Jodi said...

mad props to you for your creative skills! I think the third way to wear it is my favorite - you can rock that cute quirky look!

Great idea! I love the color combos too!

Olivia Lane said...

I love these looks. I am totally going to try to copy this. Also, your baby is adorable!!!! (visiting from WIWW. you can see what i wore at Olivia Cleans Green). KIT.

thank you so much for all your sweet comments on this post, makes me so happy that you like it !!!...going to say hallo and check out your spaces now...:)

What pretty pictures! Following <3 Alex


Wow this outfit is amazing, I love that it can be a skirt and then almost a maxi dress, your so talented :)
Loving the blog and stopping over from the linky

Laura x

Rachel said...

You did an awesome job with that refashion, I think the stripes add so much to the skirt, and they go well with many different outfits!

Love this! All three of those outfits are awesome and very much my style. You did a great job with the skirt!

Wow, you're so clever!! I love all of your stylings! I saw that you linked up with Style Sessions, I'd love for you to check out my blog hop: www.mythriftychic.com/2013/06/anything-everything-blog-hop.html



thanks Tori for your sweet comment and stopping by, definetely stopping by your space and checking out your hop! ZU!