DIYs for "on the go".

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Finally with a better Internet connection (meanwhile travelling) 
I managed to be back and post some next DIY-post.

I don`t know about you, but making things is just a part of me, 
I love to do things with my hands and see how realized ideas turn out.

Thatswhy I was looking for some simple ideas, 
that one also can make in between travelling.
So how about doing stuff with nail polish? 
Totally simple, cause every girl carries some nail polish with her...

So here comes a little idea for a necklace that I made within the last days ...

and  if you scroll down afterwards.
you also can find some of my current favorite nail polish DIY ideas throughout the net
... so, lot`s to do, let`s get started:

All you need for the necklace: 

some leather piece, nail polish, tape, a needle and neon yarn

All you have to do:

cut out a semicircular leather form 
( you can use the help of a shirt neckline to get the right form),
 divide the whole thing into triangle sections ( mark with pen or needle), 
tape a selection of sections and paint them with your favorite nail polish colors 
( I used pastell and gold colors), embroider the leftover sections with neon yarn, 
stitch some long yarn threads through the edges (see last picture) 
and make a knot to get a closure to tie the necklace altogether  
(which allows you to wear it in different lengths) .

and here like mentioned  some other easy and fun ideas :


Did you try painting other things (than actually painting nails) with nail polish? Any tips?
I for myself can`t stop and proceed with the next project...

Have some creative travells, see you!

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Lynn said...

Just found your blog via Casey! Love your DIY's. Your pictures are gorgeous and can't wait to explore a little more :)

Christina S said...

That is a really cool DIY! I think I am going to try this!
Just found your blog!
I am now following you!!
Looking forward to keeping up!


I love this!!! And with nail polish?! My eyes gave just been opened to a realm of possibilities :)