summer,sun & popsicle fun.

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hello everybody,
hope you enjoy your summer season to the fullest, as we do ( if you are on the northern globe).
meanwhile I thought I share once in a while some of our current favorite summer refreshment (of course) homemade Popsicles. It´s so much fun to try out some new tasty variations each summer.
also my kid just likes to be a little kitchen helper, it´s simply and fun just to throw different (matching) ingredients together in a bowl and watch how it comes out as ice pop afterwards ( for kid and grownup).

do you have any favorite flavors you can recommend?

these are ours from the last days:

It´s always good to have a basic recipe that you can vary in different directions, like this  for frozen yogurt (simply joghurt and honey).
I also tried it together with joghurt, honey plus cream but came out for me with this favorite frozen joghurt base, because it`s the most creamy one:
1/2 joghurt+1/2 ready made vanilla ice cream
(and then add ingredients for the different tastes)

frozen joghurt blueberry liquorice:
basically frozen joghurt base, blueberries and cut liquorice snails (as much as you like...maybe:)

ginger raspberry mint sorbet:
add 1/2 ginger ale with 1/2 raspberries and some cut mint leaves( again as much is tasty for you), if you are a sweet tooth you can add some honey for extra sweetening

melon basil frozen joghurt:
frozen joghurt base, add cut melon pieces and as much basil like you prefer (maybe shouldn`t be too much)

quite easy...enjoy!
(any own recommendations, would be fun to hear !)