summer party and more: ikea papershop.

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is it just me or do you also think that these August days are just flying by like a rush?
 Maybe it`s just because I really want summer to stay a bit longer...

so anyways, this is my belated friday inspiration post at a monday.

we are still planning a little late summer party over here
and I totally need to share some of my newest, favorite ikea deco and paper stuff,
 I´m quite a tiny bit obsessed with.

(First of all I have to admit that I really love to visit ikea since I can think
 and it really saved our lifes in the past with getting some nice affordable furniture,
while being a bit married, young and broke while studying.)

The new Ikea project  is the so called Ikea Papershop, it started in Sweden,
we now have it in Germany since June/ July
and I heard it will definitely come to other countries too.

So since I still need to get some crafting, paper stuff for the planned party around here,
I thought, I could give you a little sneekpeek of my favorites, 
here you go :

To be honest I truly would like to buy all? but you know... 

so here is some excerpt of my personal papershop"haul":) and I`m definitely coming back...

have a happy week, or maybe weekend everyone ! :)

(linking up my favorites with loving lately, as always:)