lavender body butter& lotion DIY (vegan).

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this year one of my aims was to make some more things 
out of ingredients from my garden or the nature (see foraging).
I learned a whole lot according to this from my grandma 
and set the goal to also practice and adopt it more into
our little families life.

So why not also making some homemade care?

There are so many positive facts:
good natural quality, free from chemicals, gluten free,
vegan if you want and so budget friendly !

so today i`d like to start sharing some of my new go to recipes :

 Lavender body butter & lotion

it`s getting cold now and the skin needs some extra care,
this lotion is really rich, the coconut and olive oil is perfect care
for dry skin, lavender is calming, helps irritated skin 
and adds a lovely scent to it
( if you like lavender scent)

ingredients body butter:

60g firm coconut oil, 10 ml olive oil, 6-10g lavender seeds
 (for the lotion replace the 10ml olive oil with 40 ml olive oil )


melt the butter and add the olive oil, then add the lavender seeds,
let it simmer 5 minutes on lowest flame
(do not cook, so that the lavender doesn`t get burned) 
and then let it rest for at least one hour 
( or maybe through the night, then you just have to reheat it)
pour the liquid ointment through a dense sieve or a tea filter
it will last 1-2 days until it gets set
( for the lotion: after it got set, stir it until it`s getting a creamy consistency) 
 Have fun!

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