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Hope you are enjoying(/or have been enjoying) some happy days off with your loved ones.

One thing I totally love about christmas and the days in between is making
some family traditions.
Like making, cooking, baking little give-aways together.

It´s such a fun thing, that Emmi is now part of it all 
and not to mention seeing the glow in her eyes,
to give her granny a personal present she helped making...

I think the little ones are proud to be incorporated in family
traditions and more than that, these little actions create
an homey atmosphere of togetherness.
I love growing in these areas and experiencing it
as a little family.

So this year, next to some things I already showed you,

we made our cherry marzipan christmas jam again.
don´t wonder there is edible golden dust everywhere,
we coluldn´t stop adding it,
it makes all things look even more fantastic and festive.

(if you met us these days, you will find this thing still on 
our clothes, faces etc., ...dont mind:)

and of course making christmas chocolate barks,
is such a fun thing to do !
and I mean mostly everybody likes chocolate,
and even more when it is made especially for them :)

our this years favorites where:
white peppermint,
white cinnamon star almond (with gold dust, you know:)

sadly we didn´t have so many left overs,
everything is nearly gone.

but we will make some new on easter,
it has become a tradition :)

do you have special family traditions  ?

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Jenna Guizar said...

dang these photos are gorgeous :) You're inspiring me to be better!! looks like you guys had a blast, what fun traditions.