this years christmas calendar.

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Hello there,
I´m a bit in a hurry...
how in the world can it already be December ?

so let´s share this years calendar.
because we love some traditions around here...

this year I looked for a quite simple idea (suprise:),
and this one really is.
just little, easy folded houses that you can fill and hang...
and to make it even easier you can also use
my free printables belo, I did them anyways,
so why not share !?

free printables ---- > here !!!

Let´s start

cut out the houses and the doors on the outer line
then fold the houses like shown below (1,2,3)

(4) close the edges by glueing or taping
and add the doors/numbers with glue ...

that`s it- done in
ready to fill !

now you only need a pretty garland or chain of lights
and some clothes pins...

pretty easy, huh !?

Have fun everyone !