our easter.

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Hallo everybody,
hope you had some happy days off.

We definitely had, using the extra time to visit friends and family
and also some family time just the three of us.

sometimes there are weeks that feel like days,
and sometimes luckily there can be days that feel like weeks.

this Easter felt like these kind of days.

Oh and did I mention that winter came back,
hopefully for the last time this spring...
so the days felt even more extra cozy and intense, I guess;)...

as a tradition we made some personalized Easter chocolate barks.
Emmi looooves this little tradition of ours.
Wrapping and giving away in this way always means extra fun, 
because the girl is quite proud on her handmade chocolate skills ;)

The whole process is pretty simple and fun for kids ( as you can see):
just wrap some plates with baking paper,
melt chocolate, pour it on the plate and then add some
extra colorful, seasonal  sweets to the mixture.

and of course the girl also enjoyed her own egg hunting "finds",
and was quite content with it, I think.

But even more than the gifts, she enjoys the whole process
of searching and finding things over and over again.

(we actually have that somehow now and then all year in her room
besides that ;)...

I for myself am extra thankful for the time we had this Easter.
Last year around that time I had to face severe nerve pain,
didn`t actually know when and how all will become better.

A real journey of trust was starting for me at this point of time.

and I`am so very happy and thankful, just for Gods big love and guidance through that journey.
and I know he has this is not only for me, it is the same for you.
He promised he will never leave or forsake anyone of us.
He walks next to us.

It has made me stronger.

 Now one year later, I´m totally healed and off of any pain medication.

I have no words to describe how thankful I am.