goodbye summer.

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just a few pictures to say farewell to good old summer time.

i hope all of you enjoyed a full and happy summer.

ours was good and somehow felt like a looong holiday.

what happens if you could live each day like it would be a day off/ a free day?

after our summer holiday trip, Andi and I spoke about the fact that it´s
kind of weired to always live towards the weekend, being happy on Friday
because weekend is almost there and being kind of grumpy on Mondays.
Somehow it´s comprehensible, because for sure you have more time
/ time together on weekends . But some inner attitudes are up to us.

So for this summer we decided to  try to live each day like a free day in mind.
Of course we went to work and also had to do all other duties, but we reduced 
some really unnecessary mind stress and kind of tried
to celebrate and be thankful for each day just a tiny bit more.


 So we had many spontaneous trips and picnics outdoors
and sometimes stayed a up a bit way to long.
we took our caravan and lived with our friends and kids at the river side,
for several weeks ( and just went to work from there).
with just a few clothes and belongings in our traveling bag.

I tried to be more aware of each moment.
Staying in the now not planning so much ahead,
what makes life so much easier.

It mustn`t be a big thing, there is so much to be thankful for day by day,
a sunrise, a good breakfast, a kiss, a laugh, feeling the warm summer wind,
birdsongs, feet in the water, a good talk, sunset and long evenings...

I am a plan maker but more and more learning to put down my plans.

some times we just need to take the chances and live the moment.
so many things that are all worth it and other things that sometimes
get to much focus and can be put aside.

More and more I learn to really rest.
And I learn to rest in Gods good promises for my life and
enjoy the day because I know he is with me, he cares for me,
also in challenges and ups and downs, whatever may come.

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for peace  

and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

So to say ... all this made this summer feel a bit like a long holiday.

There is enough thankfulness, rest and peace when we focus on the
right and good things in life.

So I hope I take this summer in my heart and have a bit of it
in each coming season.

Goodbye summer, you have been a good one!