winter days and bird feeder wreaths (Mini DIY)

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Hallo everybody, hope you are doing fine so far.
how does your winter look like these days?

Ours looks a lot like winter ...
so we do our best to embrace it,
go outside and also have some little winter projects along the way. these bird feeders, I already mentioned making them last year,
it was such a fun to Emmi we did it this year allover again.

By the way I think I saud that we try to live a bit slower these days,
this also hast to do with these news;)
and that I`ve been feeling nausea almost the whole day for weeks now.

But anyways beside the slow living and rest aspect ( next to my job), 
distraction with some projects and also going outside is always a good 
thing to do, also when there are times where it costs some extra willpower,
but it´s always worth it and I also have the slightly feeling that being outside and being active,
( if one could still manage to do it) helps with the nausea.

So we made these little bird feeder wreaths and placed them in our garden,
on our backdoor and also out in the woods.

We went with this simple recipe:

ingredients for 4 wreaths:

3/4 cup flour,1/2 cup water, 2.5 teaspoons gelatine, 4 cups birdseed

 plus you need some mini gugelhupf silicon forms, if you want to form some wreaths
(got mine from ikea a few years ago, but you can find similar ones online)

Mix the flour, water, gelatin and the birdseed and stir well. 
Use some vegetable oil to cover the silicon forms
and then press the birdseed dough inside the forms,
let it dry over night. Remove the bird seed wreaths out of the silicon
 molds afterwards and use someyarn (and maybe some band for a bow, 
just for the looks when placing it at your door) to hang it.

That easy! And I think the littles ones will love doing this, because mixing and making a 
little kitchen mess while throwing the ingredients together is alwayss fun
and after that they can feed and maybe watch the little birdies eating their handmade food.

This is definetily going to become a winter tradition in our house !