rhubarb jam ( low fructose jam recipe) and vegan rhubarb cheesecake. Rhababer Marmelade und veganer Rahababer Käsekuchen.

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almost a year now has passed, after I found out, that I`m sensitive to lactose and fructose.
It was such a relief, after struggling with gastritis and stomache problems for 4 months.

But then I had to learn so many things all over from the beginning. I kind of needed to 
somehow learn my whole cooking new and was first of all quite overwhelmed. 
After a few months now, I can totally say, that all of this changed my eating habits for 
the better and I feel so good now!
I learned a lot about problems that normal sugar and too much fructose can cause 
and also found out that  my migranes got better when I started avoiding milk.

Of course they are some things I just can`t do without, like cheese 
(almost all longer aged ones are lactose free!) and I needed a new recipe for jam 
making and also not to forget for cheesecake!

So here it is, maybe you are also at this point like me, searching for some new fructose 
and lactose friendly recipe basics.

Here is my go to low fructose jam- recipe at the moment, which you 
can make with all different kind of low fructose fruits, 

because what is spring and summer without jam making ?

There is not much to it:

get some low fructose fruit you like (berries, grapefruit, rhubarb, ...), 
simmer it together with a low fructose sweetener, I mostly use brown rice syrup, 
glucos works well too (also Spelt syrup, Quinoa syrup, erythritol).

Then add the base for the right jam consistency:

-if you want to keep it vegan you can use agar agar
- if you don`t mind you can use gelatin 

in the right amount written on the leaflet according to the product you use 
and your fruit weight.

That´s simply all !

Rhubarb Rosemary Jam  :

1 kg Rhubarb ,  1- 2 twiggs rosemary,
1 vanilla pod, I took brown rice syrup to sweeten in the amount I like it to taste and some agar agar 
( right amount see leaflet note)

and because I think rhubarb and cheesecake make a pretty good couple I also tried a 
vegan, lactosefree new cheesecakevegan, lactosefree recipe together with the jam :

In Germany we like our cheesecake rich and baked and I think this recipe
comes quite close to the original. 
In my case I took half of the recipe, used normal soy joghurt and put all into small glasses 
adding bits of rhubarb and rhubarb jam. 

     250 g soy yogurt "lime balm"
     sweetened again with
     Juice of a rather large lime
     15 g custard powder
     Mark 1/2 vanilla pod
     30 g Alsan
margarine melted,
     15 g coconut fat melted,

It was delicious and I´m really looking forward trying out many new recipes of this kind !