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into the woods (&embrace the camera).

These photos and their story are part of "embrace the camera"(see button below), a beautiful idea from emily from "the anderson crew", I saw it several times on other blogs  and really loved it and now decided to take part the first time. So be welcome to our "embrace the camera-into the woods" story:

We had a day off . If you are selfemployed this happends not to often, so these days are definitly a treat! Not to mention that there are much expectations on these days. Sadly it was raining all day so we had to cancel some of our glorius plans like going on a city trip...

After it was still raining in the afternoon, we made a decision- may we cancel our planned trip, but anyway we will go out for a walk, whether it`s raining or not.
Because Emmi is definitily one of these toddlers that need their time to cavort outside, if not they get, lets say, a bit wild inside of the house and get funny ideas like drawing on walls and furniture (she does that anyway, but thats another story...)

So where can you go when its raining and when you still want to be outside? Right- walk under some dense treetops in the forest...and to really get there you have to leave the path. All you need is some waterproof and warm clothing and some warm tea to take along (and a good orientation, I love my hubby, because I definitily have none!).
Usually we walk on the ways through the forest, but so we never found these truly magical places inside the woods. It was a bit foggy and there was the beautiful smell of wet moss and foliage in the air, one could hear the sound of the raindrops that rustled in the tree tops. E didn`t meet Bambi,  she was looking for, but she really liked it anyways.
It was quite an adventure, we kind of felt like the hobbits. ( What makes me think that we are really looking forward to watch the new film of Peter Jackson, yeiah, watching the "Lord of the Rings" is one of our christmas traditions since Andi and I were dating. eleven years ago..., I will talk on later:)...)
Anyways we loved our adventure walk into the woods, this will be defintily one of our new family traditions.

"Around the Corner there may wait a new road or secret gate. And though I often have passed them by a day will come at last when I will take the hidden paths ... -J.R.R. Tolkien