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panda hat DIY.

now as promised a new, fun and quite simple to make DIY.
We had a few hats and some hooded sweatshirts that needed to be revamped and what should I say, our "pandas" became our new best friends here.

You`ll need: a hoodie or a suitable hat (you can use different colors, most "panda" like of course is a white or beige one...) &:

 the steps:

1. sew on the pom-poms ( pom pom DIY for example on this blog )
2. sew on the biggest buttons (flat ones), if you can`t find suitable one you can use felt circles, that looks quite nice as well
3. sew on the smaller buttons, you can glue them on as well (place them in the upper middle egdes for the typical pana eyes)
(when fixing or sewing buttons please make sure that they stay solid when making the hat for toddlers)
4. sew on the round button as nose

5. AAAAAAAND HAVE FUN ! These will make beautiful presents for sure !