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 Sunday thoughts.

Normally I wanted to post the "panda" DIY, but there was something different on my heart I think I should share with you today.

Now and then I will  share some thoughts on faith here in this little corner as well.

(So if you`re not so into faith stuff you can skip this post, but I hope may some of you get encouraged along the way.)

Why? Because I really need to. It´s a big part of my life. God is shaping my heart and he has blessed me with his love in so many ways, that it is sometimes just bursting out of me.
Nobody is able to really change his life out of his own strength, but God definetly is able to change us, (if we are willing to it). He is changing me- into something better step by step, getting to know him closer day by day.

Sometimes people think that they have to give something away, that it may hurts when God is going to change you and they picture some kind of a punitive observator.
But thats not how he is, he is loving and longing for his creation.

If he changes you , he is taking the crap out of your life and is going to give you something beautiful instead. He restores you.

(Picture was taken during a late winter walk this year)

I don`t know if you know this film, I love it so much, so if you have just a little time on this Sunday ( it will only take you 20 minutes, totally worth it), relax and enjoy! :

Happy Sunday!