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When i started this blog a couple of weeks ago I wanted it to be my happy place. 
But I wanted it also to be a place to share my heart. I can not close my eyes 
before the tragedy that happened in connecticut.
I also read a couple of posts about it, that really touched me.
I thought a lot about christmas these days and how these families will miss their little ones.
And the sadest thing is, the connecticut tragedy, may shaked the whole world, but in reality, 
how bad it is, thats only one thing of thousands that became obvious before our eyes.
Sadly such things happen each day, there are so many places where children can`t grow up 
in freedom- sex trafficking, famines, whole villages wiped out by rebel groups, are just a few 
examples. And we will never know the stories of these little ones.
Why does God let all this happen?...I don`t really now the whole answer. But one truth is, 
that God didn`t intend the earth to be like this.
He is the one that knows every of their stories, he even counted the hairs on their heads
 (Matthew 10:30 "Even the hairs of your head are all counted.")
He gave us hope, he sent Jesus, who came into this world to die for sinners, to make way for us.
This is really about christmas, he showed a real, unconditional love.
It´s a love that goes behind all the refuse world has to offer.
I know in my heart that there is something behind the life we see know, 
I know there is room for these children.

When Jesus was born he came not as a king, he was born in a manger.
 He healed the sick and was together with the poor and broken ones.  
He showed his love to those who really needed it. And he gave his love to us, 
so that we can follow him and give it back to others. May we can not change 
the whole world, but we can make a difference, there is hope behind all of that, 
a real hope...
May the affected families miss their children like crazy, and  i even can not begin to 
know the pain they experiencing... but there is God`s hope, they will see them again, 
eternity is bigger than this short period of life here on earth.

There is an opportunity for this world, that lies behind all the things we saw the last days.
Thats what christmas is all about, about a love that will not fail. The love, that Jesus is offering, 
that we can share and that everyone can experience.
There is a place for each of us, because everybody is loved and precious in Gods eyes.