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It`s beautiful to develop some special family traditions...
it´s a lovely way to create something special in between everyday life routine.
We started with that photobooth snapshots, thirteen years ago, when Andi 
and I started dating.
A lot of things changed in between that- but all really good ones! 
We are now married already ten years (I can`t believe that, time flies by!)
 and now there is this little girl living with us...
so it`s already Emmis second turn to take part...

this year`s pictures: 

I hope to have a lot more christmas photo sessions coming up in  the future with these two.
There are no words how  I love them! I`m so thankful for having them in my life , 
they are my better half!

(last year:)
  Have some happy family traditions!xxx noni

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