cheesecake forever.

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do you have recipes that just work for you whenever you use them, that are easy to vary?
 For sure you have...
this is one of mine: because first of all I´m a sucker for cheesecake and second 
it`s quite easy to make (no baking) and you can change it in a lot of variations
the basic recipe I found here.

This time I made a little winter type of cheesecake, which came out quite delicious
Vanilla-cinnamon cheesecake with ginger plums and sponge cake layers in a jar.

First I cooked the plums with ginger slices (took them out afterwards) ,
a tiny pinch cardamom and just a bit gelling and let it cool down a bit afterwards, 
than I prepared the cream (like in the recipe) just with an extra pinch of bourbon  
vanilla and cinnamon and afterwards layers everything in the jars 
and let it all cool down 2h in the fridge.

already thinking of other possibilitys like making this and then making a no bake caramel cheesecake ...
going to update you soon...