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Like I told you now the Poncho DIY in Detail: 
It´s just so easy- all you need is a fleece blanket, 
(mine was from Ikea, as already recognized:), 
which I couldn`t use anymore because there was some carrot baby spit stains on it) 
---> the fringes of the blanket make a super cute hemline 
( if you have none, you can cut them yourself) and the fun part about fleece
you don`t even have to extra neaten it, so- super easy sewing!


->For the mommy poncho:  precut the pattern, 
close the shoulder and the collar on both sights, 
seam should be around 1 cm wide, turn it and make another to 
seams like marked on the outside), this time the seam should be around 7cm,
 the wide edges look quite pretty

-> For the baby poncho only close the shoulder and collar on one side 
and just the shoulder line on the other side, so the one side of the collar is open, 
this looks quite nice and also is much easier to dress for big baby heads:), 
close the side seams like in the mommy example on the outside,  
seam width should be around 4cm,
sew on buttons on the collar and front afterwards

JUST TRY IT AND HAVE FUN, you`ll love the results...

(a small supplement i was featured on the diy dreamer, I`m so happy-thank you!)

Have a nice weekend xxxnoni

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