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lately it snowed so much...ok it always snows around here, 
so we have still deep winter and I guess this will still last a bit...

lately I found out:) that we are leaving for a short trip to one of my favorite cities, 
because somebody has bday over here...
lately we were really busy working on establishing a new church group, 
( I think I´m going to write a few things about that soon) we are so happy,
 it took us nearly 10 years of some ups and downs (which were quite part of the plan I guess...),
 but God is so faithfull.

lately I have to say...I´m just so thankful, so thankful about Gods plans that are much higher 
and better! than ours, he`s keeping all things together!

So by for now...I will be back soon, after a short break...Have a happy weekend, friends!

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