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another project I wanted to show you is my favorite easter shirt ( like I call it now:)...
in between all easter egg/rabbit and such DIY things I just thought to also do something "more"easter in the more original sense. So I thought why not give it a try and make a "cross" shirt.
a technique thats perfect for this is bleaching. In my teens ( and "grunge" years) i did a whole lot of bleaching and batik stuff, maybe too lot, but let`s not talk about this yet.
Anyway bleaching is just perfect for upcycling and making pretty things...

So here is how I made the shirt:

you need some bleach (be careful when using, wear old clothes...), tape and a spray bottle. Tape your shirt how you intend ( be creative, you can tape many different forms-> lines,triangles, tribal patterns, chevron lines, or a cross like my example...). Work in the shower or bath tube and open a window or maybe outside. Fill the shirt with some plastic or stuff, that the bleach can`t touch the back- After that spray and cover the area around the tape, leave the non taped area a more free, so that you also have non bleached areas leftover. Let it dry a bit or blow dry and wash and rins it properly afterwards. Ready that´s all ! It´s real fun so if you haven`t tried it yet, give it a try, you won`t stop :)

(sorry for my bedhead:)