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(Shirt DIY here, scarve H&M, denim jumper Zara, Leggings target, bracelett frosted willow )

so this is one of my "throw it all together" posts, because today is falling for friday (and also linking up again with loves on a thursday) and so I would like to mix up a little bit inspiration with some style post ( stylesessions and what i wore wednesday).
ok. I know there is not to much style in the pictures above... lets call it some all day style. but I think you get the point, it`s just about an all day outfit I really like these days, like for example mixing up my favorite bleached shirt, pastell colors and some denim.
as you can see the last days I was a bit occupied with some bleaching projects,  (see picture, or DIY here).

I love bleaching and dyeing it`s so easy and you can create and upcycle so many pretty things...so I thought to share some of my current favorite bleaching projects as inspirational addition to this stylepost with you:

1 I like this simple typographic shirt just made with bleaching pen / 2 everything polka dot is pretty, I really like this bleached polka dot jeans/ 3 this bleach pen curtains are perfect (anyone some leftover curtains???)/
4 these placematts would be also perfect with bleach pen/ 5 oh I love these heart shaped bleached leggings from small fry

have a happy easter weekend, I´m off now making some easter candy with my loved ones !