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(Shirt DIY here, scarve H&M, denim jumper Zara, Leggings target, bracelett frosted willow )

so this is one of my "throw it all together" posts, because today is falling for friday (and also linking up again with loves on a thursday) and so I would like to mix up a little bit inspiration with some style post ( stylesessions and what i wore wednesday).
ok. I know there is not to much style in the pictures above... lets call it some all day style. but I think you get the point, it`s just about an all day outfit I really like these days, like for example mixing up my favorite bleached shirt, pastell colors and some denim.
as you can see the last days I was a bit occupied with some bleaching projects,  (see picture, or DIY here).

I love bleaching and dyeing it`s so easy and you can create and upcycle so many pretty things...so I thought to share some of my current favorite bleaching projects as inspirational addition to this stylepost with you:

1 I like this simple typographic shirt just made with bleaching pen / 2 everything polka dot is pretty, I really like this bleached polka dot jeans/ 3 this bleach pen curtains are perfect (anyone some leftover curtains???)/
4 these placematts would be also perfect with bleach pen/ 5 oh I love these heart shaped bleached leggings from small fry

have a happy easter weekend, I´m off now making some easter candy with my loved ones !


Mrs. Osmond said...

LOVING those polka dot pants- i need to own them. And your outfit is darn cute in those first pictures. Where did you get that jumper? Thanks for linking up with Falling for Friday!


MJ said...

I love to dye fabric as well. It's so neat to watch what develops during the dyeing process. Sadly, all of my bleaching incidents to date have been unintentional and rather unwelcome ;) I found your blog through the Falling for Fridays Link-Up and I think it's just so sweet! I hope you have a chance to check out www.wetdesertbranding.blogspot.com and look around. Happy Friday!

Bastelfrosch said...

Liebe Monique,
schöne Sachen werkelst Du, ich bin immer wieder begeistert.
Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Family ein gesegnetes Osterfest.
LG Annette

Jamey Meteer said...

I really love taking old t-shirts and spicing them up with bleach and a paintbrush. So fun and unique!
Aaaand your family is lovely.



Ooooh, so many cool things to do with bleaching! I think it's time to attack my worn out wardrobe!

just love // kelly

hey shelby, thanks so much for your sweet comment. the jumper is from zara, last summer coll., i love it too, it´s casual but cute:)!

hey MJ, i alreayday now your space, it`s real fun! thanks so much for stopping by, zu soon!

hallo Annette,
euch allen auch ganz tolle Ostern.
Ach ja und dein Strickhase, der hats mir wirklich angetan!

hey jamey,
thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment. you also have such a sweet and fun space! happy to found it!many greetings!

oh yes it`s really fun, also have still some project on my agenda ...happy sunday kelly!

Love your blog! New follower from the Bloglovin Blog Hop! Can't wait to see more posts from you!

Summer x


Great outfit. I can't believe that was a DIY shirt! I'd love if you'd link up to My Style Monday! http://fashionsgreatesthits.blogspot.com/2013/04/my-style-monday_8.html

thankyou kayla, going to check it out soon! many greetings!