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Hallo, don`t want to miss to wish you a happy week.
I love starting into a new week (most times) , there are always new opportunities, 
new exciting things that can happen...:)

And I love mornings, because these are also always a fresh start allover again.
I think one could say I´m a morning person ,of course I like sleeping, but you now 
since the baby, some things changed... but I really learned to appreciate that early mornings,
 fresh light and the bird chirping ( yay it´s starting again:)

and I loooove breakfast, so I thought I´ll share with you one of my favorite and quite 
fast to do morning cakes---so to say:

"5 minute muesli morning cake":

You need: 1 egg, 3 TS flour, 3 TS muesli ( or mix together some dried fruits, nuts, oatmeal...), 
4 TS oil, 2 TS brown sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and a spoon tip of baking powder.

Mix it all together and put into two small greased silicone molds (like picture) or instead 
you can also use simple mugs or also -> pretty in jars and just put them 3 minutes medium  
heat in your microwave. 
Tadaaa: Cake in only 5 minutes! I love it! (not only in the mornings:). 

May serve with fresh joghurt and fruits!  

xxx noni


maria said...

Oooh, that looks delicious! Too bad I don't have a microwave!
I also have a morning go-to recipe for oatmeal muffins , but sometimes I use muesli, the ingredients are actually pretty similar to your cakes, but my muffins go in the oven!

I love a nice treat in the morning!


Ilove everything -baked oatmeal-! muffins sounds great, you should share that someday...and I also think oven stuff is alawy better than from mikrowave- the smell of fresh baked oven somethings running through the house is irreplaceable:)!