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wow. the week is already over again that means  it`s falling for friday (and I´m also linking up with loves on a thursday, though a bit late:)
and time to share some favorites of my week.
And because some waiting paired with anticipation is never a bad thing (you know I´m still waiting for spring around here)  
I thought it would be fun to make a little to do list to somewhat shorten the waiting time... 

I would like to:

1 plant some flowers <like this> /or buy some already planted ones/ 2. add some flower spring shirts to <E´s> and <my wardrobe> (just some tiny pieces...:)/ 3. try some new spring recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients like these <edible flower Popsicles> or a <spring pizza>/
4. it`s always fun trying new make up things, like a new nail color( I like the new <butter color palette>), or maybe a lipstick color you never used before (the paul and joe lipstick coll. above is quite old- but really, how cute can lipstick be...!<here is the new spring coll.>)/ 5. I love new scents for special seasons in life or whatever, sometimes I just buy a quite small flask if I don`t want to spent too much. My absolutely favorite  is <gucci gracious tuberose> at the moment ( I already got it for Christmas) it`s just so fresh and flowery, just perfect for spring....

so a few really fun projects if you ask me, what about you, do you have something on your spring agenda?