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....looking out of the window in the moment while writing this post, guess`s still snowing around here...
So still waiting on a glimpse of spring..
anyway meanwhile I decided to start my own personal spring already-> on the inside by adding just a few little spring deco things around the house.

So what would be better than some pop of colors and flowers. I for myself love the paper variant, because I can keep them as long as I want, even when we still have to wait awhile till spring arrives around here.

I fell in love with this tutorial for making paper flowers out of cupcake paper forms. But I did my own version by mixing it up with some rustic branches and the functional add of masking tape (which I try to put always everywhere anyway:)

As most of my tutorials it`s quite fast and easy (I like fast and simple results:), just follow these few steps:

that's all! just repeat this on different sticks a few times with different pieces and colors and you`re done, now you only need to decorate and hopefully spring will arrive soon:)

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