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----->  (aka how to extend your wardrobe without spending any or less money:) :

Blouse: Daniel Rainn(tkmaxx), Cardigan: lent by hubby, pants H&M, necklace (find DIY here) & star hair clip (DIY coming soon) self made, shoes :Clarks

I was thinking quite a bit of time now to share some style things, I mean I have a crush on design and clothes, but also personal don`t want to overvalue it. For me it`s  important that people just stay themselves and feel good and well in the things they wear- if you feel good and just be you in the stuff you wear you send that out in a positive charisma.
So my style post will be just about some allday clothing stuff of mine, mixed up with few alternative fun clothing possibilities like:

----> how you can extend your wardrobe by saving some money....:)

my suggestions: 
-variant A: go and make something yourself!
-variant B: ask:)& lent something from your boy/hubby ( I noticed that once when we were travelling and had to bring along so much newborn babystuff, i had to save space and took only little clothes with me, when I needed a cardigan my hubby handed one of his to me-> perfect comfy ooversized look:)!...and to be true: girls just secretly love wearing their boys sweaters and co:)
-variant C: of course thrifting (sometimes also our grannies have the most amazing stuff, that they don`t wear anymore)

My Friday-outfit from above combines variant A&B, it´s one of my simple all day looks. I also love the spring feeling about it: I love to combine the strong contrast of black and white with bright fresh colors, these days. There is always something magical about entering a new season!

Because some of my wears are last season looks (or older?), and lent:) and  you are maybe also not so keen about DIY as me, I put together some similar stuff for you I like and found on the web:
1. pants from american apparel (great color palette)/ 2. loooove this geometric fox necklace/ 3. black and white hearts blouse/ 4. striped cardigan/ 5. star hair clips (I so much like stars on everything)
6. loooove that golden zipper boots (and they are on sale! now)

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