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just some recent pictures from our weekend and bathing time. is there anything cuter than bathing babys and after that cuddling them in their fresh pjs?..it´s always one of my favorite parts, next to the other favorite parts:).
but seriously- one could imagine that parenthood will be good, but in fact I didn`t know that it will be this good! it brings so much new intense love in your life, love that you never knew existed  in that way until you experience it the first time. and this love is even growing day by day!

this sometimes gives me a glimpse of what God must feel about us, his children, something so really powerful. but it´s the same thing like the love of parenthood, there is a difference in just knowing or imagining it and actually experiencing it and feeling it. so one of my day to day prayers is, that God`s love in me grows constantly and that I`m able to spread his love that I´m experiencing  and give it to others... something that also evolves.

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maria said...

I gets me every time too! How big must Gods love for us be if our love for our children is already so overwhelmingly big!
Thanks for this beautiful reminder, Noni!