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just some recent weekend pics... Weekends usually are getting bit quite around this space here.
Weekend is our family and friends time. So I always try to get most of my housework and stuff done before weekend arrives (which is sometimes not so easy as working mom, but most times can be handled with some kind of effective and balanced time planning)
We made the deal to avoid most of media at the weekends and really use our days just to enjoy having time with each other, with our church family, visit friends and so on.
I can remember times when I started my business when I was working 12 till 14 h each day, whole week.
I started to work more and more to get my work done faster.
But the one thing I learned out of these times, is, that this thing doesn`t pay off that well. I ended up really exhausted.
Whatever we do, it should always be in a good and right balance. We have to set our priorities in the right order. Though when you want to achieve something it´s important to be diligent, we still need time to relax and to recover.
It took me some time but I learned to put family first and I learned that God is blessing it. I learned to rest on the seventh day, it`s not without a reason that this is the third commandment. I learned that this is not to restrict ourselves, but to free us. God perfectly knows how we work...he made us:), he rested on the seventh day, after creation, he the almighty powerful God, shows us the importance of rest.
 And should I tell you something, now that I care much about that, I work much more effective and faster in my job. I noticed that when we give God time or bless others and friends with our time, even when we haven`t much, we will get it back several times...

have a nice week, xxxnoni!

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