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just a little idea from the last easter days. found it on a beautiful mess (one of my favorite craft blogs of all times) and because I´m a total chocolate addict I couldn't`t resist, plus : it´s something fun to do together with your family, kids or friends...
it was so much fun that we think we are going to make this to a regular family tradition, even our little E had a blast throwing and mixing different stuff into the chocolate. these barks made perfect little easter giveaways for our family and friends. we made some personalized variants for them (with some ingredients they favour), like you can see in the picture:

basically all you have to do is to prepare plates and cover them with waxpaper, prepare some favorite ingredients, melt the chocolate of your choice, mix and decorate it with your favorite ingredients on the prepared plate.

sorry for the iphone pics, because we had a toddler in action throwing stuff in chocolate I wasn´t able to document it all with our "fancy" cam:) but I think you get the point, it was fun and it`s CHOCOLATE... so maybe we don`t even wait till Easter to do it again:)...



yum! i always make chocolate peppermint bark for christmas but i never thought of making it any other time of the year!

maria said...

mmmm.. that looks so good!

yes I think easter is also perfect for making some candy...but also already thinking about a christmas variant:)