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it´s Friday again, that means time for some inspiration post, (so I´m linking up with Falling for Friday and Loves on a thursday again and looking forward seeing what you all shared today!)
This is some kind of a really enthusiastic post of mine, because today I´m posting about some of my all time favorite design inspirations:  the Bauhaus.

So if you haven`t heard already that much about Bauhaus Design ( but I think you know the names Klee, Kandinsky, Breuer, Gropius, van der Rohe...), i would like to ask you a little question before starting ---> what would you think by just looking at the designs (not on the written dates:) , when were they designed?

I think you know what I want to say and what makes me so enthusiastic about these things, mostly all designs from 1) and 2) were developed in the former Bauhaus Design School between 1919-1933. I love this fact! They are so modern and timeless and always have been a great source of inspiration until today, see 3)!
One big goal for me is to call some of the classics my very own some day (working on that)!

----> So 1) shows you some of my favorites from the early years - 1 / 2 ( Rietveld+De Stijl  influence on Bauhaus)  / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
 ----> 2) shows some classics from 1919-1933 that you can still buy today , I think you already know some of them - 7 / 8 / (Eames 50s)/ 10
 ----> 3) just some current things inspired by Bauhaus designs I absolutely like- 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 a+b

And a fun fact: I don`t live far away from the former Bauhaus school in Weimar and in Dessau here in Germany, so I promise you some future posts with "real life" photos from the original places.

Have a very happy weekend!



This is so fun! I especially love seeing the progression and inspired designs! It still amazes me how timeless Bauhaus designs are. They don't age! I am a huge fan of Eames and De Stijl. Thank you for sharing..this was such a refreshing post for me! xo Maddie

WetDesert said...

I love the timelessness of those graphics and colors. I think the nesting tables were one of my favorites. I can't wait to see more of the designs you discover.

Happy Friday!
MJ @ wetdesertbranding.blogspot.com

Kotryna Bass said...

I love the colors and kind of non traditional looks of those!


Rachael said...

I love all the bright colours and those stacking tables! Thanks for sharing:)

thanks rachael for stopping by!

me too, they are really timeless and modern, thats what I like about it.

I love your picks - what great items! I'm stopping over from "The Collective" Hope you are having a great Monday!