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hallo there,

a little update on being back... we had a wonderful time on the road and met some really inspiring people on the pih conference we attended, but most of it all, our hearts were just filled up with Gods love. It´s not that you can`t have this everyday, we should, but sometimes we just get a bit stuck in each day`s routine, So there is something about people coming together with expectations...sometimes we just have to step out the routine, to see some things clearer.
as I told you we were growing a home church now for 10 years, the last 4 years we weren´t a home church anymore, because we were just too big for it. it all started when we met the front man of a crazy hardcore band who freshly got saved, with him a big part of his friends, too. These were crazy times. We started to meet, pray, read the bible, just shared our love for Jesus together. more and more people joined and also excepted Jesus as their personal savior, even some of our parents became part of our meetings. We had time worshiping and praying together quite loosing our sense of time, sometimes from evenings till early mornings.We were just hungry, hungry to experience God. 2006 we had to go out of the flats, because there was no space anymore and so we started to rent own rooms. we went through ups and downs together, but most of all we just grew in God.  Now for 2 years we kind of struggled for the next leap of faith who was quite obvious, we were just to many people for a home church, so we founded our church this year. When I look back I´m so thankfull for Gods mercy and for the paths he prepared and led us through.

As we came back from the conference we just sat down together with some friends, talking about plans... we need a bigger house for our church, we really would like to buy, but don`t know how to raise all the money at this moment. We have a big heart for our city and the people living here. Just right then there was this big rainbow, lining out the region we have on our hearts, it´s a part of the city where a lot broken hearted and struggling people live. it was so beautiful, it`s like God wanted to say- just trust me, with all your heart, nothing is impossible for me, I´ve got a plan, I`ve got a real good plan.

It´s adventurous when we trust God, life with him is an adventure and it´s the best adventure we can join...

think I´m going to share more about my adventure from time to time soon and always enjoy reading about your`s:)

have a happy week!


maria said...

Noni, this beautiful! I hope that God blesses your church community with a building soon, I'll be praying for you!
And who knows, maybe we'll plan a trip to Germany someday and visit you and your church, my brothers and sisters in the Lord!
Glad your back!
xo Maria

Oh Maria thank you so much! And of course, if you go south or pass Germany, please stop by for a visit, you are absolutely welcome anytime, would be fun!many greetings

Rachael said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing