1:24 AM noni iloveyoumydear 3 Comments promised I leave you with a little DIY in my absence-

so in supplement to this last post now some earrings I made nearly with the same technique:

1 you need : cut out leather/ fake leather diamond forms/ 2 cut two holes for the ear pin/ 3 fold into half and glue diamond forms together as triangles ...

pretty cool for reusing old leather or fake leather leftovers... have fun !

(sorry again for the bad quality phone pics, I´m a "late night crafter" this means some of my projects are photographed really fast and spontaneous in less perfect light conditions)

xxx, noni


Jessi said...

Ooo I love these! Especially the necklace! How fun and creative :) You can always use a touch of leather!

Thanks Jessi, me too, i like leather a lot especially for crafting, always looks pretty!

Really fun and pretty DIY! :)