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Hey everybody... time is running so fast and a whole lot of new things are happening around here, (some of them I´m sharing in another post, coming soon)

The first thing : our home is going to be photographed by german author E.Boerner, which is working on different projects and photographing homes of artists and designers throughout Europe.
We live together with my parents in an old art nouveau villa we bought three years ago. also my
deer company partner and her fiance moved in.  in the ground floor we have our atelier, where we work together with our employee and some freelance tailors.
I feel really lucky to have such a beautiful home. 
But to be honest I didn`t really feel ready for having it photographed, though I didn`t want to miss the opportunity. When we moved in we only had three months to get everything ready (crazy times), so some things where done a bit tentative.. Don`t get me wrong, we made it really kind of pretty, but I miss just some intention and love in some details. That for example, was different 11 years ago when A and I got married, and moved into our tiny weeny flat. Studying, we didn´t have much, most things were handed down or thrifted, but it was lovely. 
Anyway thinking more about everything I came to the conclusion that I don`t really want to worry so much that our home needs some kind of improvement ... even after three years of living it still doesn`t feels perfect in every detail, because we had to priorize on other things that really fulfilled us ( growing our church family, developing my business and most of all our precious baby girl). Sometimes we just have to line out things with the most importance-
So even getting things photographed which are not totally like I intend them to be now,  I`m now in the process of accepted that development is natural and isn`t something bad.
Aren`t our whole lifes kind of processing and evolving anytime? So I´m kind of ok.  with getting a processing home photographed and now I´m also freshly motivated to put a little more intention into things I´m still missing around here.

Meanwhile within the last days I collected some favorite spaces, just for enjoying to watch pretty ideas of some real creative persons, which I would like to share with you today.

 I love light rooms, with pretty details, simplified, not cluttered that much (still have to work on this tiny subject for my own).
I´m really in love with the new home series on a beautiful mess blog, where some rooms of a few my really fave bloggers have been photographed within the last weeks:

1) cakies blog: this family is so sweet, each post is filled with family friendly and fun things and so much life to it all, so are their rooms:

of course a beautiful mess`s Elsie`s new home has been captured... it is like her blog, full of pretty ideas, colors, patterns and paying much attention to pretty details

3) I really like the oh hello friend you are loved blog, Danny`s rooms  are simple and practical, yet so pretty and lovable... and I love the map idea as a room divider !

4) love the bright rooms of Mandi Johnson's Home, white colors mixed with these bright and pretty patterned textiles and lovely details

I love these rooms, it feels like they have width, so to say much "air to breath" and to live in...

So even if my home is not that perfect I´m really looking forward to the hometour now... it`s somehow like a part of me, still processing and evolving, which is totally ok.
more than all of this first of all it`s important that our rooms are filled with life, love and laughter...

do you have favorite room ideas and maybe some good advices for me? Think I´m going to show you a little insta hometour within the next weeks.

Have a very happy and beautiful weekend, and happy mothers day lovely mamas !

xxx noni!

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Jayda said...

Your home looks so beautiful! So exciting that you get to have it photographed. And I absolutely love all of the blogger home pictures you posted. I love that they're beautiful, but they still look like homes you could reasonably live in without feeling like you're going to wreck the perfect atmosphere haha.

New follower; can't wait to read more!

Wow your home is beautiful! No home is ever perfect in my opinion, there's always something the owner would want to change. So long as you put the kind of effort into it that makes you happy, I say that's good enough. How exciting that your home was photographed! Can't wait to see the pictures. I'm loving that series on "A Beautiful Mess" too!