more bleaching adventures (no.2).

4:03 AM noni iloveyoumydear 2 Comments

like mentioned, this week I just would like to show you some of my last bleaching projects, which where quite fast and easy to make ( the first one I documented here) . I really like the results and love to wear these upcycled versions a lot... and E too...

not much to say, basically you can see all of it on the pictures...

1)  dipped in bleach, just as long until you reach your preferred result
2)  tied together with thread, so the bleach doesn't soak in so much on that parts and you get these lovely accents, don`t leave to long into the bleach, just check the reaction several times (depending on material composition and coloring )
3) is stamped with a triangle cut sponge, after that I made some extra accents with some textile pen colors

 and more to come , needless to say I´m pretty obsessed with that technique :) Have fun!