easy triangle prints DIY ( free printable).

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Think it`s time for a little DIY again ... 
maybe you already know my love for triangle DIY´s and printing, so this is a DIY with both altogether !
 one of my all time favorite techniques for easy printing  is working with printable T-Shirt transfers ( for example from Canon...), 
so this time I just arranged some neon pastell triangles, which are perfect for upcycling some odd summer clothes...

You´ll need: 

some clothes to upcycle, T-shirt-transfers, and a triangle graphic like this one... 
so tadamm (my first free printable here on this blog)... 

you are very welcome to download mine, if you like:

Proceed like this:

1) Cut out triangles from the printed paper / 2) arrange and try out some formations/ 3) iron triangles on your favorite clothes to upcycle, I used an old kids shirt and my old denim pants ( cut them and made a fringe hem before)

... les voilà... !

Have fun everybody!

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