fun summer to do list.

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Hello everybody... a little update on things around here... 

as I told you our summer will be quite busy, we are all in between some friends weddings and photo shoots. 
I will definitely share some of the results later...

Meanwhile we just soak in the summertime. Happily the heavy rains around here in Germany are over, the floods are gone and nearly everything is cleaned up... (some photos on my instagram)...

As you can see in the photos above, we kind of started living outside... around the house, in the garden, on the veranda, long walks and swimming in the lakes...

so happy that summer has arrived !

... to celebrate this I like to share some of my current summer favorite things and a fun summer to do list again (like my last one in spring) :

I would like to :

1- decorate the house with fresh flowers once in a while, like here
2-  have that book, with a lot of summer fun ideas that one can make
3- also have that book, we are crazy picnic lovers over here (like already mentioned)
4- have a summer party outside with friends (still organizing some things and collecting ideas)
5- buy a bunch of yellow stuff, it obviously is my summer color this year ( love... that dress, sunnies, toddler saltwaters, iphone case, most pretty shoes, a veranda table somehow like this one and lots more:)
6- have this pretty thing here, my friend bought some of such dispensers and I totally need one too (especially for our little summer party)
7- have long evenings, sitting outside with friends sipping cool summer drinks, these here are kids friendly...

What are your plans for summer? Hope you all have a good time, enjoying summer and life :) !

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