two happy years.

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can`t believe that it is already two years... happy birthday to our little big love Emmi !!!

two years being together with you just feels like an instant, 
a beautiful instant full of lovely moments and memories in our minds. I still can remember holding you the very first time, being filled with so much thankfulness and grace, as if it was just yesterday.

you cheer up every room with your presence, talking so many funny things that make everybody laugh ! 
You have quite a sense humour already in your young age.
We love your kind, creative and sensitive little spirit.

I pray that you grow up rooted in love, rooted in God`s love, that you really know who you are, that you know you are loved and cherished and that this love overflows to other people around you.

You make us so incredible lucky to be your parents, little miss,
and you help us to improve and be our best as parents .

We love you with all our hearts !


maria said...

Happy Birthday Emmi! She is so adorable!

Thankyou Maria !:)

Elisse said...

Aww what a cutie! A belated happy birthday from me as well :) These pictures are stunning, by the way.

Totally feel the love exploding from every word your wrote - lovely!

Thankyou to you all for your sweet comments!

Thankyou Robin, we are so thankful for this little life:)

Isn't it crazy how fast the time goes. My little man just turned 4 and it seems like just yesterday I had him! I'm a new follower from The BlogLovin' Collective. Would love if you stopped by and followed me :)