and even more bleaching adventures (no3).

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I´m a bit on delay with this post, but I don`t want to miss to share it with you...
you know I´m absolutely into printing and bleaching everything that comes my way ( adventure no.1+ no.2), so here are still some more of my current bleaching projects... alltogether combined with some outfit mix ideas... so to say DIY -style idea& inspiration mix-post...
I`m recently in love with flower prints allover again, and love mixing them up with denim and some fun bleached DIY stuff ... :

this time round I tried a new technique and mixed bleach with textile color ----> the result is that you get real cool neon bleaching effects... I tried it with some typographic things on a shirt, and guess what... again triangles on some canvas shoes ... quite easy, see:

 ... and again some of my current favorite print, color and bleach DIY´s along the net :

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 *
(*was made with fabric but could easily done with bleach and paint)

Have a happy week, 

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maria said...

I love your shirt!
Hope you're having a great summer!

Adorable! And great photos!!!

Found you through Style Elixir.

just love

Rachel said...

I can tell you're definitely having fun with that technique of customization! I've never tried it--maybe I should do a little experimenting....

Abby said...

Such a great idea! Lovely photos, BTW :)

If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

What a great idea! I love that shirt!

Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wednesday!

So cute...and where did you shoot the pics? Gorgeous location!

Thanks Maria, yes we have, we really soak up our summer time (though we had a lot of rainy days, but that`s kind of normal:)

Amanda Cobb said...

I've been playing with bleach gel pens on t-shirts, too - it's fun and addictive. :) Yours turned out great!

Great idea~! Found your blog through the blog hop- following via Bloglovin'<3 Alex

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Gorgeous skill! Thanks for sharing :-).

Anonymous said...

Love this! I never knew this technique exlisted but it's lovely!

Oh, how very cool! I've never bleached any clothing (on purpose, haha) before! I really love the effect. Your leggings are adorable!

Glad to be a new Bloglovin follower!


Love this idea - I've worked with dye before, but have never thought of taking the colour out. This post gave me so many ideas for things to bleach, thanks for sharing!

Pink Chai Style

Taylor Hart said...

Cool! I didn't know that you could add color to the bleach. That makes sense....guess I never thought of that. Ha! Cute idea that's awesome. I just love DIY's and this one is great. Found you on the blog hop. Following!

LOVE lOVE LOve! Thank you for sharing!!

Love your photos and shoes! I want to try my hand at bleaching a couple of dark dresses I have laying around soon, and I think your post has inspired me to do it asap!

Here via the Bloglovin Collective Hop :) Love your blog.

thankyou for all your lovely comments and responds! this makes me really happy!