and even more bleaching adventures (no3).

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I´m a bit on delay with this post, but I don`t want to miss to share it with you...
you know I´m absolutely into printing and bleaching everything that comes my way ( adventure no.1+ no.2), so here are still some more of my current bleaching projects... alltogether combined with some outfit mix ideas... so to say DIY -style idea& inspiration mix-post...
I`m recently in love with flower prints allover again, and love mixing them up with denim and some fun bleached DIY stuff ... :

this time round I tried a new technique and mixed bleach with textile color ----> the result is that you get real cool neon bleaching effects... I tried it with some typographic things on a shirt, and guess what... again triangles on some canvas shoes ... quite easy, see:

 ... and again some of my current favorite print, color and bleach DIY´s along the net :

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(*was made with fabric but could easily done with bleach and paint)

Have a happy week, 

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