falling for foraging

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hey everyone, today I want to share something I´m really keen on which I haven`t already talked about yet. And I think I´m going to share some more bit by bit within the next months.

When I was a little one I didn`t really like eating and food at all, (which stressed out my parents a whole lot) so my dear granny invested much time in me, taking me out into the woods and nature, gardening and collecting food, plants and berries and afterwards I helped her to make some delicious meals out of our finds, we made juice, tea...
and it approved very well. we were a lot outside, which helped grow my appetite and step by step I developed an affinity for fresh food until today.

For those who read a few lines here in this space you already know, this little family just loves being outside,  good old nature walks and being in the woods.
Additional to that it`s not only fun to be outside but also quite useful because you can collect a lot of delicious edible plants for your family meals out in the nature .

 There are so many good aspects of foraged food :

1. you eat healthy organic and natural food
2. you spent a lot of time active outside on the fresh air
3. it´s totally free and you can create budget friendly food, tea, cosmetics...
4. it`s just fun !

So to start today I would like to share a very simple recipe with you.
I love cress, we have wet& shady places around here in the woods where it crows all year.
There are many delicious things you can make out of cress: soup, cress bread, cress butter,... or for example a real good pesto:

 I basically followed this recipe but for myself also added some extra ground hazelnuts and parmesan. I also tried it another time with olive oil instead of rapseed oil and also half the amount cress and the other half basil. There are many ways to extend the recipe after your own taste I guess, it´s perfect altogether with fresh baked bread, pasta, soup, asparagus or grilled things. 


and for all of you who are generally interested in some foraging stuff I put together some of these things, I really like: ( yes of course, I put together a foraging inspired outfit:)...)

1 comfy but (stylish) denim overall like that / 2 comfy wander shoes for mama and baby hunters / 3 a good old rucksack / 4 80s sunnies (just suit well to the outfit:..) / 5 weather resistible sketchbook

6 Martha Stuart seasonal foraging recipes / some more good literature I found 7 / 8 / 9

Have a very happy Weekend, I think you`ll find me outside !