summer slow down.

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Just a little update on things around here and some recent weekend pics...

We finally are happy to enjoy a lot of sunshine and some first summer glimpses .
Now that summer arrives, life here gets really busy... there will be a bunch of friend`s weddings, which also means some new wedding shoots for me and there will also be some maternity shoots.
Our church family grows a lot, we spend lots of time being together, praying, worshipping, having fun together aaaand we finally got our new very big rooms, with lots of opportunity for new music and kids projects. we are so thankful and happy... so a whole lot of ideas and renovating things are waiting for us as well.
 Not to forget I´m a working mama with a business and employees, so I have to focus and set the right priorities, that everything stays in a good balance.

Again and again I stumbled about some mamas words about the so called 18 summers that you have living together with your child and it`s so true!
on and on we mamas wonder how fast time passes, even more since we actually got to be mamas.
this little girl of ours now is already getting two years in june !!! so this means that this summer is our
third summer together!
In between all the opportunities and projects,  I first of all want to soak this special time in, and cherish our family moments. One thing I learned within time, is, to put God ( that means spending time with him) and my family first, to stay in a healthy balance. If that base ok. than you can give and I love giving, sharing and investing in others.

So for this summer now I made the decision to prioritize a bit more and that means to slow down some things for a while. 
Like this little space. 
I love my little creative corner here, I love the people I got to know within the last months of blogging.
So many precious hearts and thoughts.
I will still come back here posting at least once a week and keep reading , because I´m so really blessed by so many of you out there!

But most of all I will just soak in this sweet summer days with my loved ones, try to be concious and cherish all our little family moments, because as everybody says ...

may the days sometimes seem long, but the years are short!