early mornings and a cold soup recipe (foraging)

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did you notice the smell of the air ?
It´s already smelling fresh and crisp around here, fall is near!
we now have these typical foggy mornings back these days, 
which is kind of bittersweet but anyway I love fall and I love late summer... 
so we use a whole lot of time being outside and soaking in the last summer days.
the photo above is from an early morning , sometimes it´s really worth it, 
to get out early and head in to nature, 
especially when the little one is awake quite early anyways...
so why not having a little breakfast-picnic outside,
while everything around you is fresh, clear and waking up...
it´s a beautiful start into the day.

so as mentioned spending some extra time outside
and also wanting to share more foraging things (as promised), 
... I still prepared some things that I haven`t shown you yet :

This summer and late summer we enjoyed eating some more
cold soups, which are perfect for warm days.

So since late summer has arrived and the ripe pear season has started 
and I found some places where cress is growing from spring till autumn, 
this is quite a good recipe to make on a budget, 
because you can make it with things out of your garden/forest.

You need :
2 tablespoons butter,1 onion (s), chopped.4 pear (peeled + diced),
2 zucchini, 1250 ml chicken broth (degreased),
2 bunches watercress (without hard stems)
250 ml whipping cream, Salt and pepper, white

Sauté onion in butter, stirring it 10min, altogether with the pears + zucchini 
and add 1 liter of broth. boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about 40 minutes.
Remove the pot from the heat, stir in the cress and simmer it about 5min. 
Then puree and stir it together with remaining broth and cream
Season with salt and pepper just before serving, reheat but do not boil. 

ready...Guten Appetit ! 


maria said...

mm, that soup looks delicious!