goodbye dear summer.

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Hello everybody,

I know it has been a bit quite here, 
since the cold days arrived the little family of ours is facing some sick days, again.

this means for this mama, staying home and cuddling the girl by day 
and a good cup of coffee, some grace and working by night.
I love to run my own business, but in between those days it can be quit a bit tricky.

so`i`ll be back soon, next week, until then I leave you with some of my
DIY favorites from within the last summer months.
I`m happy for all I can share with you in this little corner!

have a happy weekend!


C. Hawkins said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better! I always get sick when the seasons change as well.

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maria said...

Aww, feel better soon!

You are SO so lovely! And your DIY's are outstanding! Hoping your family begins to feel better soon!

Sending well wishes your way. And, after reading your last post, I'm feeling very inspired to unleash my children on a giant roll of paper with some paint in the garden this afternoon. Thank you for the inspiration and happy fall!