easy bread recipe (optional: filled with goat cheese,figs,arugula)

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don`t know about you but the colder it gets the more we grave warm 
and homey things around here,
so currently I´m trying a bunch of new tea sorts, soup recipes
and not to forget: baking different kind of breads...
there is nothing like the scent of fresh baked bread and eating it with 
still warm with smooth butter, don`t you think ?

so I thought to share one of my "go to" recipes for bread, 
that´s simple, fast and can be easily be varied in all kind of directions ...

You need:

500g spelled flour ( you can vary it with all kind of flours), 
300ml water, half cube of yeast, half tbsp honey, half tbsp salt

use the honey to dissolve the yeast, mix it together with water and salt, 
then add the flour and knead it altogether, let it rest around 10 minutes
 ( but you don`t actually need it, thatswhy it`s so fast),
 and then fill it with layers of your favorite ingredients,  if you like,
this time I used goat cheese, figs, arugula, but it`s also good with cheese
and onions, plum and walnuts, olives and feta, basil or
whatever you prefer...form 2 small loafs,
but if you like you can also use the same recipe to make
 fresh oven baked buns, filled or not filled.
bake it ! ( 180°C, 20-30 minutes), done!

So if you are still looking for a quick, easy and tasty bread recipe I highly
recommend this one to try, you will not be disappointed.
as bread or buns, filled or not filled it`s always a treat,
we had it several time while having guests,
they totally liked it, it´s also perfect grilled,
than if filled with cheese it gets it`s smooth consistency
all over again...

 so try it yourself! have fun !